Thursday, July 9, 2009

Another ‘Ecoterrorist’ Attack in Canada

Earlier this week there was a report posted on about a recent addition to a series of explosive attacks on Canadian gas production facilities in British Columbia. This most recent attack was similar to previous attacks in that the perpetrator apparently used an explosive device to damage a remote production facility. Not only was no one injured, but it appears that the attacker is being careful to only inflict property damage in the campaign to drive the Canadian company EnCana out of the local gas production business. As I noted in an earlier blog on these attacks, this is an apparent example of the lone wolf terrorist with a personal grudge against a company or facility. Since it is unlikely that the gas company will acquiesce to the terrorist’s demands, it becomes increasingly likely that the attacks will escalate in the number of attacks or the involvement of personnel in the target area. Once again, this is a good example of why it is important for high-risk chemical facilities to pay attention to complaints and threats received at the site. Facilities need to have an internal reporting mechanism to capture such threats and establish a close working relationship with local law enforcement. This will allow facilities to pass on these types of threats as they are received, so that local law enforcement can begin their investigation.

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