Tuesday, July 28, 2009

4th ISA WWAC Symposium

I’ve passed this by a couple of times because I did not see any mention of coverage of security measures, but the International Society of Automation (ISA) is holding their 4th annual Water & Wastewater and Automatic Controls (WWAC) Symposium next week in Orlando, FL. While none of the announcements that I have seen mentioned security for control systems, I finally did some digging and found a copy of the program brochure which does show two security sessions. Security Related sessions include:
A Practical Approach to Securing Your WTP/WWTP, Kevin Finnan, CSE-Semaphore SCADA Cyber Security Defense — In-depth Approach, Jim Redifer, Rockwell Automation
I must admit that I believe that these two 30-minute sessions hardly provide adequate treatment of control system security and am surprised that ISA is providing so little coverage of this important topic especially on critical infrastructure systems like water & wastewater treatment facilities. If professional organizations like ISA don’t take the lead in this area, our critical infrastructure is going to continue to become more at risk from catastrophic cyber attacks.

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