Friday, July 10, 2009

Chemical Security Page Update – 07-10-09

Today DHS updated their Chemical Security webpage. They added a link to a new page; (CFATS): Request a Compliance Assistance Visit (CAV). The new page allows a facility to request an assistance visit to help them resolve a CFATS related issue. Prior to this page being established a facility would have had to contact the CFATS Helpline (866-323-2957) to schedule such a visit. The page provides an email address ( to which the request will be sent as well as a list of information that should be included in the email. The page notes that the Department will reply within two weeks so the ‘proposed date/time’ should be at least that far in the future. I would presume that if there is a crying need to get an earlier visit the facility should contact the CFATS Helpline. Remember though, the CFATS people are still in the process of staffing up (and will be for a couple of years) and are in the process of helping lots of facilities with their Site Security Plans. Please have some patience with these overworked public servants.

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