Wednesday, July 27, 2022

HR 7569 Passed in House – Energy Security Research

This evening, the House completed action on HR 7569, the Energy Cybersecurity University Leadership Act of 2022. The House debated the bill on Monday under the suspension of the rules process with limited debate; nary a word was heard in opposition to the legislation. At the end of the debate Monday, a vote was demanded, and the House did not take further action until today.

Earlier this afternoon, under provisions of §5 of H.Res.1254 (special dispensation to speed up proceeding to get ready to go home for summer vacation), the House attempted to take up 12 previously debated measures (including HR 7569) en bloc under a voice vote, but yet another recorded vote was demanded. At 6:15 this evening, that vote was completed, and the twelve measures passed by a vote of 336 to 90; less than half of the Republicans voting in opposition.

HR 7569 is unlikely to be taken up in the Senate under regular order, but might get included as part of a larger authorization or spending bill. There is a remote chance that it could get considered under the Senate’s unanimous consent process, but that is a politically fraught process at the best of times.

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