Wednesday, July 13, 2022

House to Begin Consideration of HR 7900 – FY 2023 NDAA

Today, the House is scheduled to take up HR 7900, the FY 2023 National Defense Authorization Act, under a structured rule. The Rule for the consideration of the bill allows 650 of the 1212 amendments proposed to the Rules Committee to be considered on the floor. Many (most) of those amendments will be considered en bloc, but it will still take some time to get through the amendment process. A final vote on the bill will probably come tomorrow.

Of the 650 amendments that may be offered, the following are the ones that include significant ‘cyber’ language:

#68 Bergman (R,MI) - Foreign State Computer Intrusions [HR 1607, no action],

#183 Houlahan (D,PA) - Department of Defense Cyber and Digital Service Academy,

#260 Moulton (D,MA) - Tailored Cyberspace Operations Organizations,

#261 Murphy (D,FL) - Cyber Operations-Peculiar Awards,

#262 Murphy - Manning Review of Space Force Cyber Squadrons,

#277 Panetta (D,CA) - Review of Definitions Associated with Cyberspace Operations Forces,

#425 Torres (D,CA) - Building Cyber Resilience after SolarWinds [HR 8279, no action],

#427 Garbarino (R,NY) - CISA Director Appointment and Term [HR 5186, no action],

#511 Foster (D,IL) - Strengthening Cybersecurity for the Financial Sector,

#515 Garbarino - Duties of Small Business Development Center Counselors,

#519 Gonzales (R,TX) - National Digital Reserve Corps [HR 4818, no action],

#537 Houlahan - Pilot Program on Cybersecurity Training for Veterans and Military Spouses,

#554 Langevin (D,RI) - Systemically Important Entities [HR 5491, no action],

#564 Malinowski (D,NJ) - Report on Commercial Satellite Cybersecurity [HR 7629, no action],

Most of the cybersecurity related bills that affect folks outside of DOD have been previously covered in this blog as the stand-alone bills noted above.

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