Friday, June 17, 2022

TSA Publishes Request for Applicants for STSAC Membership

Today the TSA published a request for applicants notice in the Federal Register (87 FR 36522-36523) for membership in the Surface Transportation Security Advisory Committee (STSAC). The STSAC's mission is to provide advice, consultation, and recommendations to the TSA Administrator on improving surface transportation security matters, including developing, refining, and implementing policies, programs, initiatives, rulemakings, and security directives pertaining to surface transportation security, while adhering to sensitive security guidelines.

STSAC has 40 voting members representing each mode of surface transportation, such as passenger rail, freight rail, mass transit, pipelines, highways, over-the-road bus, school bus industry, and trucking. Members must represent one of the constituencies specified below to be eligible for appointment:

• Associations representing such modes of surface transportation,

• Labor organizations representing such modes of surface transportation,

• Groups representing the users of such modes of surface transportation, including asset manufacturers, as appropriate,

• Relevant law enforcement, first responders, and security experts, and

• Such other groups as the Administrator considers appropriate.

Applications can be emailed to by July 18th, 2022. Applications should include:

• Complete professional resume.

• Statement of interest and reasons for application, including the membership category and how you represent a significant portion of that constituency, and

• Home and work addresses, telephone number, and email address.

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