Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Bills Introduced – 6-7-22

Yesterday, with both the House and Senate in session, there were 39 bills introduced. One of those bills may receive additional coverage in this blog:

HR 7965 To prevent the misuse of drones, and for other purposes. Rep. Gallagher, Mike [R-WI-8] 

I will be watching this bill to see if contains definitions or language that could expand the ability of critical infrastructure owners to take actions to prevent drone attacks on their facility.

I would also like to mention in passing one additional bill, H Res 1154, Expressing support for the designation of June 2022 as "National Cybersecurity Education Month". These ‘expression of support’ resolutions have little practical effect and are seldom offered (much less passed) early enough to make even a symbolic measure of support. Ah, but they do show that Congress cares….

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