Thursday, June 16, 2022

OCS Updates CFATS FAQ – 6-15-22

Yesterday, CISA’s Office of Chemical Security (OCS) updated the responses to one of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) Knowledge Center. The revision updates a URL used in the response to FAQ #1738 to provide information on the CFATS Expedited Approval Program:

FAQ #1738 What is the difference between the Expedited Approval Program (EAP) and the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) program?

NOTE: The link provided for the FAQ in this post was copied from the CFATS Knowledge Center but may not work when followed from your machine. This is an artifact of that web site. If the links do not take you to the referenced FAQ, you will have to use the ‘Advanced Search’ function on the page to link to the FAQ or download the ‘All FAQs’ document at the bottom of the ‘Advanced Search’ page.

The new version of the FAQ provides a ‘new’ link to the CFATS Expedited Approval Program (EAP) page. The last time that I looked at this page it had an August 14th, 2018 ‘last published date’ marked on the page. There is no date on the current page (CISA very seldom provides dates for their web site pages). The only change on that newer page is the address to be used for the notification letter:

Chemical Security, Associate Director


Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency

1310 N. Courthouse Rd.

Arlington, VA 20598-0609

That address was added to unrelated FAQs, in February 2021, so the new EAP page probably dates from about the same time.

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