Monday, December 9, 2019

HR 4432 Reported in House – UAS Threat Assessment

Last month the House Homeland Security Committee published their report on HR 4432, the Protecting Critical Infrastructure Against Drones and Emerging Threats Act along with the amended version of that bill.

An interesting thing happened on the way to the Government Printing Office. Section 2(c) of the original bill seems to have disappeared. Readers will remember that I complained about that section of the bill that would have exempted DHS from the Information Collection Request requirements of the Paperwork Reduction Act. Now changes made to a bill after it has been approved in Committee are not too unusual, but there is language in the Report’s ‘Section-by-Section Analysis of the Legislation’ (pg 6, last paragraph). It will be interesting to see if the language is in the bill when it is passed in the House.

Yes, the bill will almost certainly be passed in the House after it is taken up under the suspension of the rules process and it will pass with a substantial bipartisan vote.

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