Thursday, August 24, 2017

DHS Publishes Regulatory Agenda

Today DHS published their section of the Administration’s Semiannual Regulatory Agenda in the Federal Register (82 FR 40290-40299). This provides some additional information on some of the regulatory activities planned by the Administration that were listed in the Unified Agenda last month.

Items that may be of specific interest to readers of this blog include:

There really is not much in the way of new information here. DHS has provided ‘expected dates’ for the next rulemaking action for the CFATS update (10-17) and the TSA security training rule (09-18). Since these ‘expected dates’ have little or no relationship to actual future actions these dates cannot really be classified as ‘new information’.

The only really new information here is that the Coast Guard’s Updates to Maritime Security has been officially removed from the regulatory agenda. This rulemaking activity has never really gone anywhere, bouncing back-and-forth between the Current Agenda and the Long-Term Agenda on the Unified Agenda. Even the abstract that was listed in the last Obama Administration Unified Agenda was short on specifics of what the rulemaking would have included.

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