Wednesday, May 11, 2016

ISCD Updates FAQs on CFATS Knowledge Center – 05-11-16

This afternoon the DHS Infrastructure Security Compliance Division (ISCD) updated the responses to 12 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the CFATS Knowledge Center. A quick check of each of the FAQ responses indicates the ISCD is updating URLs for a number of their web sites. The revised FAQs and the affected URLs are shown below.

#1275 What needs to be done when a facility is bought or sold? Corrected URL for chemical security landing page.
#1405 How will I know the agricultural extension has been lifted and what to do next? Corrected URL for chemical security landing page.
#1450 What is the URL to the CSAT Web Portal? Corrected URL for CSAT Web Portal.
#1485 What do I need to have available in order to complete Top Screen? Corrected URL for chemical security landing page.

The CVI Training landing page was also updated today to show the new URL for the actual CVI Training program.

NOTE 1: The old URLs are still linking to the correct pages. No telling when DHS will cut-off the old URLs.

NOTE 2: There are currently some difficulties connecting to the CSAT Web Portal and the CVI Training Program. I expect that they will both be working tomorrow.

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