Friday, November 6, 2015

21 CSI Job Openings

There are currently two listings for Chemical Security Inspectors with DHS National Protection and Programs Division (NPPD). Between the two listings there are 21 vacancies that NPPD is trying to fill in the CFATS inspection program at various locations around the country. These listings stay open for a very short time period and close next Tuesday and Thursday respectively.


For the entry level (GS-09) position you must either have a Masters degree in Safety Engineering, Industrial Hygiene Inspection, Chemical Engineering, or Process Safety Engineering or 1 year of experience in:

• Conducting or assisting with on-site inspections and audits of regulated facilities to determine if violations have occurred;
• Conducting investigations using accepted inspection, enforcement, and investigative procedures; and
• Preparing reports to both private and public sector personnel on security compliance and enforcement matters.


The job notices report that your qualification will be evaluated against the following competencies:

• Knowledge of and ability in conducting on-site physical inspections, documentary reviews, personnel interviews, and site vulnerability analysis of chemical facilities;
• Knowledge of and ability to review and evaluate the physical, personnel, information and cyber security plans and countermeasures of chemical facilities against risk based performance standards;
• Ability to communicate effectively orally; and
• Ability to communicate effectively in writing.


The salary ranges for the two positions are listed as:

$48,403.00 - $90,129.00
$48,403.00 - $84,800.00


I have had extensive experience filling out employment applications over the last nine months and I must say that the application process through is one of the least professional, most complex and least professional (I know, I said that twice, with good justification) that I have ever seen. The first thing that you have to know is that it cannot be completed on-line. You have to print out the forms, fill them in by hand, and then fax them in to the application office.

I have not actually completed filling in the forms (since I do not meet the qualifications for entry level for either of these positions), but it looks like this could take a couple of hours. And the site clearly states that if the application is not complete in every detail, it will not be considered. In my opinion, if you can complete the application process in one go, you are fully qualified for the job on bureaucratic grounds alone.

If you are qualified for the positions, and have a desire to help chemical facilities complete the CFATS process to reduce their risk of terrorist attacks, please apply. It may sound corny, but the country really does need you.

BTW: Vacancies will be filled as funding permits – This is always a caveat for federal jobs.


Anonymous said...

You CAN apply online for this and any other posting. The fax instructions are only for items that you cannot upload. If you have access to a scanner you should be able to upload any document.

Anonymous said...

That is true, all USAjobs can be completed online. But you better hurry the jobs close on the 11th and 12th. From what I hear, it is a great job and competition is tough.

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