Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Reader Comments – Online CSI Applications

Over the weekend I had two comments from apparently different anonymous readers (here and here) about an error in my Friday post about Chemical Security Inspector (CSI) jobs listed on USAJobs.gov. In my post I complained about having to fax the job application into the site rather than being able to apply on-line. Both readers responded that you could apply for the job on-line. After actually trying the on-line application process I found that they were correct.

I misunderstood the portion of the instructions relating to the submission of “A complete Assessment Questionnaire” in the Required Documents portion of the job listing (the other job listing has already closed). The only other reference to that questionnaire in the listing is found above that requirement with a link to a manually completed document that is required to be faxed to the number provided. After working through the on-line application it is clear that the ‘Assessment Questionnaire’ is included in that application a format that is much easier to deal with.

As a recent expert in the field of on-line job applications I found the on-line application for this job to be a tad bit more detailed than most application that I have completed, but not onerously so. I am still disappointed in the job listing itself as it is way to bureaucratic for my taste, but I suppose that is to be expected for what is after all a bureaucratic job.

BTW: The opening that I explained above that had been closed? Well it has actually been replaced with an updated version that does not close until Thursday. So there are still two current listings for Chemical Security Inspector with a total of 21 open positions between them.

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