Friday, April 25, 2014

CG Seeking CTAC Applicants

Today DHS posted a notice in the Federal Register (79 FR 23003-23004) announcing that the Coast Guard is seeking applicants for membership on the Chemical Transportation Advisory Committee (CTAC). CTAC provides advice and consultation to the Coast Guard's Marine Safety and Environmental Protection Directorate with respect to the water transportation of hazardous materials in bulk. 

The notice explains that applicants should have experience in:

• Chemical manufacturing;
• Marine handling or transportation of chemicals;
• Vessel design and construction;
• Marine safety or security; or
• Marine environmental protection

CTAC members are volunteers serving at their own expense, including travel and per diem. CTAC's membership includes six vessel operators, five chemical shippers, five environmental response sector representatives, and five environmental safety and health officials.  The remaining members represent non-profit classification societies. The notice does not explain which of positions are included in the 10 positions for which they are seeking applicants.

Applicants may submit their applications via email ( by June 9th, 2014. Applications should include a a cover letter and resume and identify the position for which the application is being made.

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