Friday, August 3, 2012

More ISCD Rumors

This is just a short note to report that I am hearing rumors that Rick Driggers, the former acting Director of ISCD has been appointed the Acting Assistant Director of ISCD to temporarily fill the post vacated by Wulf’s ascension to the post of Director last month. Driggers seems to keep coming back, which begs the question of where he keeps going to when someone permanent is posted.

The leadership changes at ISCD keep the CFATS program in additional turmoil, as if they didn’t already have enough problems. If Driggers is qualified for the job (and he certainly has been exposed to the problems in the Division) then why make him the acting AD, a position he would have to leave in 90 days?

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Anonymous said...

There have been NO "permanent" Deputy Directors or even Directors at ISCD until the Penny Anderson & David Wulf regime. There is no 90-day limit on the length a person can be in an Acting role, although it has been said that the Deputy Director role has or will soon be advertised to be filled. How long that will take is anyone's guess.

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