Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Deputy Director ISCD Job Opening

I ran across the official job posting on for the position of Deputy Director of ISCD last night during a routine Google search. The posting was opened on August 15th and closes on August 31st.  Applications may be submitted on-line.

The job description is lengthy and includes all of the typical bureaucratic requirements. For example the DD:

“Provides guidance and direction to subordinates in the broad areas of Equal Opporuty(sic)/Equal Employment Opportunity (EO/EEO), human resources programs, and employee development to ensure ISCD's efforts in these areas achieve the goals of the designated programs.”

There are a couple of interesting omissions in job description and requirements. First there is no mention of having any background in chemical security operations or planning or even any kind of security enforcement. Oh well, I suppose that an executive at this level is more of a program manager and doesn’t really need to know what the troops in the field are doing. Then again, this may be why ISCD is clueless as to why the SSP questionnaire is not eliciting the types of information needed for the reviewers to authorize the SSPs; there is no one at the management level with the requisite expertise to make that evaluation.

The second oddity is that the job description does not include any mention of the Ammonium Nitrate Security Program. Now I know that DHS is woefully behind schedule on completing this program, but this will (maybe?) be an important part of the ISCD mission if the program ever actually gets off the ground.

Anyway if you are an American Citizen and are looking for a new job in the $119,554.00 to $179,700.00 per year range, take a look at this job posting.

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