Thursday, August 9, 2012

DHS Updates (Almost) Web Site

A week or so ago DHS announced that they would be upgrading their web site. I glanced at the announcement and sample web pages and hoped that it wouldn’t affect the chemical security web sites. Too bad. This evening  the changes are being applied to the whole of the DHS web site including the CFATS sites.

All of the old links that I have for the various pages are dead with no links to the new sites. Here is a quick list of the major sites that will be of interest to the chemical security community:

Critical Infrastructure – Chemical Security -

Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards -

2012 Chemical Sector Security Summit -

Chemical Sector: Critical Infrastructure -

Chemical Sector Training and Resources -

Chemical Security Laws and Regulations -

CFATS Knowledge Center -

Chemical Security Assessment Tool -

Register to Access CSAT -

CSAT Security Vulnerability Assessment -

As one might expect there are some problems with the change-over; we’ll just have to wait and see how long they take to correct. The major problem that I find right now is that none of the links to any of the CFATS manuals on the new pages work. [Note: As of 12:00 EDT 8-10-12 this problem appears to have been corrected.] The old links are also dead. Hopefully this will be a problem that gets corrected quickly.

My major problem with the new design is that the designers have done away with the “Last reviewed on” date on the bottom of the pages. For someone like me that likes to quickly check to see if there have been any changes to the web site this is a terrible move. And since DHS doesn’t advertise when they make changes to the web site, there is little to bring people back to the site.

Oh well, we can always hope that they will correct this as well.

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