Thursday, August 9, 2012

CFATS Knowledge Center Update – 08-09-12

The folks at the ISCD Help Desk updated the responses to two of their extensive list of frequently asked questions (FAQ). No real new information provided in the FAQ responses; they are just updating point of contact information to reflect the fact that David Wulf is the new ISCD Director.

There was a bit of new information in the announcement of the new FAQ responses under the Latest News section of the CFATS Knowledge Center page; they provided a brief explanation of why David Wulf replaced Penny Anderson:

“Former ISCD Director Penny Anderson was selected to represent the National Protection and Programs Directorate in the Master’s Program at the Naval War College.”

With just over a year in the Directorate it isn’t clear what Ms Anderson has done that merits that move. She was the author of the memorandum that has had NPPD and ISCD in such turmoil since December, but she was hardly to blame for the problems that she identified (or the ones that she missed). Perhaps the move was a reward for turning the program around; ISCD did resume preauthorization inspections at just about the time she moved on.

Of course it remains to be seen if the changes made were substantive or just window dressing. There have been no public changes to the SSP process beyond newly published tips for facilities and that didn’t really have much in the way of new information. I really have been expecting a revision of the SSP questions or the manual for the SSP process that would reflect the need for facilities providing additional information. Oh well, ISCD will continue to muddle through.

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