Friday, August 31, 2012

CSSS Presentations Available… Sometime

(OOPS I got the acronym wrong in the title and no one called me on it, Corrected 09-01-12 8:30 EDT)
This morning the folks at DHS NPPD posted links to many of the presentations made at last month’s Chemical Sector Security Summit. I have a feeling that I saw the page just after it went live because none of the links are active yet (as of 06:15 EDT). I’m still hoping against hope that at least some of the links are to videos of the presentation instead of just the slide shows as DHS has done in the past.

In any case, once the links are live (and I’ll note that on my TWITTER feed ( when I see it) there are a number of presentations that should, hopefully, provide some interesting information. Ones that I’ll particularly watch for (and probably report on here) are:

Suspicious Activity Reporting (DHS presentation);

SSP Lessons Learned (DHS presentation);

Compliance Lessons Learned (DHS presentation) and;

Fact Sheet: SSP Lessons Learned (DHS presentation).

The one thing missing from this page is the links to the presentations from the previous Summits. This information used to be available on the DHS web site, but the links that I have no longer work.

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