Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Website Problems at NPPD

There is something odd going on at the NPPD shop with regards to a  number of their web sites. Yesterday I got an email message from notifying me that they had updated their Chemical Sector Training and Resources web page, but the page is still the one last updated on August 8th, 2011. Then this morning when I did my standard check of links on the Critical Infrastructure Protection web page I found a number of dead links; including

I just re-checked all of the above and the problems remain. Either the folks at NPPD have gotten really sloppy with the maintenance of their web sites (possible I suppose) or their systems are under some sort of ‘attack’, or maybe it’s just a problem related to the recent solar flares.

NOTE: I did sign up for page change notifications through DHS specifically so I would get notified of changes with certain web pages. This program is a good idea and anyone that follows any of the specifically covered sites should sign up for the notifications. There is typically a link near the top of the page taking you to a real simple sign-up page; just provide your email address where you want the email notification sent.

UPDATE 3-15-12: As of about 5:00 am EDT the NPPD web site dead links seem to be corrected. Still no new Chemical Sector Training and Resources web page.

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