Wednesday, March 28, 2012

CVI Training Access Problem Solved

I just got a very nice email from the folks at the CSAT HelpDesk concerning my reported inability to access the CVI Training site. They haven’t fixed the site because they couldn’t replicate the problem; fair enough.

They didn’t let it end there, however. They suspected that the problem was with my computer and offered a suggestion to correct the problem that worked very nicely. Here is their suggestion:

“Also, if you are using Internet Explorer to access CSAT/CVI, make sure the internet security is enabled within the browser settings by performing the following actions:

- Launch Internet Explorer web browser

- Under the "Tools" menu, select "Internet Options"

- Select the "Advanced" tab

- Scroll down to the "Security" heading (towards the bottom)

- Select the following option:

-- "Use TLS 1.0." (Ensure you place a check mark in the box for the setting.)

- Select "Apply" to save this setting.”

Actually, these instructions seem very familiar; I think they used to be in one of the CSAT manuals (may still be, but I can’t find it in a quick search). Oh, yes and they work.

I suppose that I probably should have contacted the HelpDesk folks {CFATS Helpline, 866-323-2957; Monday-Friday 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m., Eastern Time}, but the last time I contacted them I was told they couldn’t talk with me because I was ‘The Press’. Fair enough; that is a standard procedure for business and government; limit the people who can talk to the press so that bad (incorrect not embarrassing) information doesn’t go out in the name of the organization. Unfortunately, I no longer have a working PAO contact at ISCD; they get changed more often than Acting Directors.

If you are not the press, but a harried chemical security person at a high-risk or potentially high-risk chemical facility, you should certainly try to contact them with any CSAT/CFATS related problems that you have. They have the standard answers for standard questions, know how to fix problems like this, and can put you in touch with the appropriate person when necessary.

Thanks for the Help today.

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