Monday, March 5, 2012

CFATS Knowledge Center Update 03-05-12

I’m not sure when it happened (changes are not noted on this page) but I noticed today that the ISCD folks at DHS have added a new feature to their CFATS Knowledge Center web page; the CSAT Narrative Demonstration Application. The link to this new feature is located below the line of tabs across the center of the page under the ‘Help Options’ heading.

This ‘CSAT Narrative Demonstration Application’ is apparently a new information sharing tool. Currently the only ‘demonstration’ available is an audio-visual slide presentation about the Site Security Plan. It is a 64-slide narrated-presentation that explains the site security plan. I haven’t had a chance to review the complete presentation, but what I did see was a fairly informative presentation. Whether or not the presentation is sufficient to overcome the current problems with inadequate information being provided to ISCD on the SSP Tool submissions remains to be seen.

This is the kind of effort that we use to see out of ISCD on a recurring basis and it is good to see that the communications efforts are being resumed.

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