Monday, March 26, 2012

DHS Updates Chemical Sector Training and Resources Page

Earlier today the folks at the Chemical Sector Office in NPPD updated their training and resources web page. Alert readers might remember that this is the page that I received premature notification of the change to this web page almost two weeks ago. Most of the changes are editorial in nature but there is one fairly substantive change and a major overlook on the page.

The editorial changes are simply changes in wording or style. For instance on of the old headers was ‘Publications’; it is now ‘Chemical Sector Publications and Resource Kits’. It may be slightly more informative, but hardly a necessary change.

The substantive change that justifies the changed web page deals with the Chemical Sector Security Summit. The previous version of this page (dated August 8, 2011) still carried information on the then recently held meeting from last July. That information has long since been updated on other DHS pages, but it is just now being updated here. Not a problem since it will still be just a short while (hopefully) before the registration process starts and requires further modification of this page.

The section where needed corrections were overlooked actually comes just before the CSSS information on the page. The section on the ‘Security Seminar & Exercise Series for Chemical Industry Stakeholders’ still shows scheduled exercise dates for long past exercises from August and September of last year. At the very least these should have been deleted when the page was updated today. What is of real concern is that apparently there have not been any of these exercises executed or scheduled since the Fairview Heights, Il exercise on September 15th. That’s really a shame.

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