Tuesday, March 6, 2012

More Changes to CFATS Web Pages

Today the folks at DHS ISCD made some changes to three of the web pages associated with the CFATS program. Two of the pages had inconsequential changes and the third had some more substantial but hardly earth shattering changes.

Date Changes

The two pages with inconsequential changes were the page for the CSAT Tool and the general CFATS page. In fact, the only change that I can note (and the easiest to catch) is the change in the ‘last reviewed/modified’ date on the bottom of each of these two pages. It is a shame that if the webmaster was just going through an reviewing the current status of the page (and this is done periodically or sometimes it is done before major modifications are made to a page) that necessary housekeeping changes were not made to these pages.

For example the CSAT Tool page still lists an out of date version of their CSAT User Registration User Guide (July 2008 vs October 2011) though the link does go to the most recent version of the manual. This could cause problems for people that use this page to ensure that all of their CSAT manuals are up to date.

The CFATS page still has links to an out-of-date site for the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards Interim Final Rule. As I noted in a recent blog post that link will be useless in the near future and should be updated for the newer link provided by recent changes to the GPO web site.

More Consequential Changes

Two separate changes were made to the CFATS Knowledge Center web page. The one series of changes was due to the recent acting appointment of William Flynn as the Assistant Secretary for Infrastructure Protection to replace the recently resigned Todd Keil. A frequently asked question (FAQ; #1557) had to be revised to replace Keil’s name with Flynn’s. This is reflected in a brief note about the change in the “Latest News”. I believe that there are a couple of other FAQ’s where the ASIP is listed as an action officer for other appeals processes within CFATS.

The second change is odd. The new information tool that I wrote about yesterday has been removed from the page just as quietly as it was initially added. I hope that this wasn’t removed as a sign of a change in the information sharing policy at ISCD. I thought that the tool could have been used to provide some solid information to the CFATS community. Oh well, on the plus side, I don’t have to review the lengthy presentation for the readers of this blog.

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