Friday, September 16, 2011

OMB Approves CyberFetch ICR

On Wednesday the Office of Management and Budget announced that they had approved the information collection request (ICR) authorization for the DHS S&T CyberFetch program. Approval of this ICR clears the way for S&T to establish their CyberForensics Electronic Technology Clearinghouse (CyberFetch), a secure on-line information sharing environment for cyber forensics professionals.

The OMB approval comes with a “consistent with change” comment. A review of the OMB documents file for this ICR shows that S&T submitted update copies of their proposed Privacy Act Notice, Routine Uses Notice and the CyberFetch Registration Screen. Presumably these are the changes referred to in the approval notice.

As of this morning there is no mention of the CyberFetch program on the S&T web site. Neither is the web site yet functional. There is no telling how much longer it will be for this program to get up and running.

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