Friday, September 16, 2011

CFATS Knowledge Center Update that Wasn’t

Earlier today the folks at DHS-ISCD published an update of one of their frequently asked question (FAQ) responses. Actually it appears that the wrong (the old) version of the response was saved to the web site. The answer was identical with the version that was placed on the site on August 8th, 2008.

Normally I would assume that someone was just checking the response on the server and had changed the date on a ‘last reviewed’ instead of a ‘last modified’ basis. Unfortunately, there is a “glaring” error in the ‘new’ response to FAQ #726; a FAQ that is related to the latest version of the CSAT User Registration User Guide. The link to the guide in the response is correct (actually DHS keeps the same link for their manuals, even when they change versions), but the description of the file “(PDF, 45 pages - 2.01 MB)” is out-of-date by at least two versions. According to the Register to Access CSAT web site the description of the new manual is: “(PDF, 31 pages - 2.22 MB)”.

Fortunately for DHS, I will bet that I was the only person that noticed the discrepancy. It certainly did not affect the utility of the response.

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Anonymous said...

Not the only one but the first to state this from the public. You do have a sharp eye.

Anonymous again

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