Friday, September 30, 2011

DHS to Hold Ammonium Nitrate Security Program Meetings

Thanks to a TWEET® from ADTchemical I found out that DHS had updated their Ammonium Nitrate Security Program web site. The revised page provides a list of cities in which DHS will be holding public meetings to discuss the proposed ANSP described in the notice of proposed rulemaking published last August. The dates and cities are:

• October 6, 2011; Savannah, Ga.;
• October 11, 2011; Jackson, Miss.;
• October 13, 2011; Lubbock, Texas ;
• October 18, 2011; Sacramento, Calif.;
• October 20, 2011; Knoxville, Tenn.;
• October 25, 2011; Overland, Kan.;
• October 27, 2011; Oklahoma City, Okla.;
• November 3, 2011; Charleston, W.Va.;
• November 10, 2011; Washington, D.C.; and
• November 15, 2011; Denver, Colo.

The web site provides addresses for the meeting sites, but there is no contact information for further information from DHS, nor is there any mention of a registration requirement.

I would suspect that there should be a notice published in the Federal Register in the near future about these meetings since they support the public review and comment process for the establishment of this proposed rule.

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