Tuesday, September 6, 2011

ISCD Updates CSAT Registration Manual

I was doing my daily click-around the DHS Chemical Security web site today and clicked on the link to the Register to Access CSAT page, a page that I don’t look at very often. To my surprise it was updated last week to reflect a link to a new version (June 2011) of the CSAT User Registration User Guide.

No Other References on ISCD Web Pages

There is no indication on the Chemical Security Assessment Tool page that there was a change to the registration manual; it still shows a July 208 date for the manual in the Key Documents section of the page (though the link does go to the new manual).

There is no indication on the CFATS Knowledge Center page that there has been a change in this manual. If you click on the ‘User Registration’ button on the page the link in that page’s ‘Related Documentation’ section to the User Guide takes you to the new manual, but none of the FAQ’s listed on the page have been updated to reflect the new manual. Alert readers might remember a brief note in my blog from August 20th that discusses a minor change to FAQ #1544 that addressed registration issues, but it had nothing to do with the new manual.

As I noted in that blog, the registration manual is probably one of the least used manuals today as most facilities are already registered. A new facility would find this new manual in the normal course of things from any of the above sites and they would not need to know that it is a new manual. Already registered facilities will have little use for this manual. Experienced consultants who are working with new clients getting them ready to register should certainly review the new manual, however.

New Manual

There is no management of change documentation in this version of the manual, so it is difficult to determine what changes were made in Version 5. I don’t have a copy of the old manual with me to compare against and I don’t see anything obvious. Once I’ve had a chance to do a detailed comparison I’ll let my readers know here.

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