Wednesday, September 14, 2011

HR 963 Report Published – SAR Immunity

On Monday the House Judiciary Committee filed their report (H. Rept 112-204) on HR 963, the See Something, Say Something Act. The Committee had ordered the bill favorably reported at their markup hearing for the bill that was held back in July. The publication of this report now clears the bill for possible floor action by the whole House.

Since there were no amendments adopted in the markup of this bill there are no changes in the bill that we had to wait for this report to review. There are no surprises in the description the report makes about the provisions of the bill.

The most interesting part of the report is found at the end; the Dissenting Views section. Here the Committee Democrats outline their concerns that “H.R. 963 may end up promoting racial profiling, thereby violating the constitutional rights of those targeted individuals” (page 18). As I noted in my blog posting on the markup hearing, we will almost certainly see floor amendments to this bill addressing these concerns, but I doubt that any will be adopted by the House.

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