Sunday, October 10, 2010

Security Posters

Thanks to Dale Peterson over at for pointing us at the Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL) web site. They have an interesting page that contains a number of downloadable cyber-security posters. Everyone knows that you can’t have an effective security program without posters to remind people to take the simple precautions.

There are two themes on these SEL posters; clean USB sticks and strong passwords. The first is particularly important considering the recent news about the Stuxnet malware using a USB port as a major infection route. The second is a perennial favorite for cyber security experts.

The folks at SEL apparently have a graphics person on staff; the posters are well designed and visually interesting. Peter Max (for us older folks) probably could have done better cyber-security posters, but these will certainly do. More importantly, there is obviously some marketing talent at SEL; these posters are likely to increase the traffic to their web site. Who knows; maybe this will start a new trend; free giveaways instead of SEO.

In any case, go to the web site and get some posters to put up in the control room.

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Anonymous said...

SEL just issued a new set of cybersecurity awareness posters with with different messages in January 2011. You might want to check them out::

Thank you very much for promoting the posters in the chemical facility industry.

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.

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