Friday, October 29, 2010

2011 Chemical Sector Security Summit

Today DHS updated their Chemical Sector Security Summit page to start the focus on the 2011 Summit. The dates for the Summit were announced; July 6th and 7th, 2011 and it will be held again in Baltimore, MD. While the agenda has yet to be announced the revised web page does explain that the Summit will be preceded by a ‘Demonstration’ on July 5th and followed by two ‘Workshops’ (Explosives and Control System Security) on July 8th. No word yet if there will be separate registrations for the three events.

The revised web page still contains links to the presentations from the 2010 Summit. This provides a good example of what type of information can be expected to be presented. If you can afford the time and travel (the Summit is free), this is probably a very good meeting for anyone in the security management team for a high-risk chemical facility.

BTW: This announcement comes almost a month earlier than the initial announcement of the 2010 Summit last year. This is getting to be a real big deal. Maybe we can convince DHS to provide videos of some of the key presentations for this upcoming Summit

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Anonymous said...

Though it's far removed from video coverage, SOCMA posts podcasts on its website conducted with key DHS officials during the summit. You may have to register for access (can't recall) but there is no fee to download it.

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