Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Blog Added to Blog Roll

I got an interesting e-mail from Andrew Ginter, a blogger whom I have been following via his posts at Findings from the Field, a blog hosted by Industrial Defender. He has apparently parted company with ID and started his own company in Calgary, a bold move in this economy. Along with his new company, Abterra Technologies, he is also starting another control system security blog, named appropriately Control System Security.

I just finished reading his first two posts and based upon those, and of course his previous work at Findings from the Field, I am very happy to add this new blog to the blog roll on this site. We can always use another voice with experience in the field of ICS cyber security; I have a feeling that the field is going to get real interesting, real quick.

NOTE: Corrected links to Abterra Technologies and Control System Security blog - 10-09-10

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