Sunday, August 15, 2010

TSA - Pipeline System Operator Security ICR

TSA has published in Monday’s Federal Register (available on-line on Saturday) a 30-day notice for a new information collection request (ICR) that has been forwarded to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for approval. If approved by OMB, the ICR will authorize TSA to collect security information from pipeline operators. This is a follow-up to the 60-day notice that was published last July and it has been slightly modified in response to the four public comments submitted on that notice. The ICR continues to support the request for the voluntary provision of contact information on both security managers and pipeline operations centers. It also provides for notifications of all incidents “that are indicative of a deliberate attempt to disrupt pipeline operations or activities that could be precursors to such an attempt” (75 FR 49944). Details of collection methodology are provided in the draft Pipeline Security Guidelines that has not yet been made public. Presumably the Guidelines will be published in the final form once OMB approves this ICR. Public comments on this ICR need to be submitted to OMB by September 15. Comments should be addressed to Desk Officer, Department of Homeland Security/TSA and emailed to or faxed to (202) 395-6974.

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