Sunday, August 15, 2010

Legislative Status Page

I was asked by another blogger if I would do an update on cyber security legislation that he could post on his blog. It sounded like an interesting idea and was certainly flattering. I thought about trying to do something like that for chemical security legislation in general, but thought that might be an awfully long post. I thought about it a good bit yesterday and came up with the idea of maintaining a separate Legislative Status page on this blog site. Google has made provisions for adding additional pages so I might as well use that capability. Today I added the Legislative Status page to this site. You can use the link here or simply click on the link at the top of the blog page. In either case you will be taken to a separate page that provides a listing of the bills that I have addressed here in this blog during the 111th Session. I have placed the bills in numerical order (House then Senate) in four different categories:
● CFATS Related Legislation ● Cyber Security Related Legislation ● General Homeland Security Related Legislation ● Hazardous Material Related Legislation
Each entry provides the bill number and name, the current status of the bill, and a link to the most recent version of the bill on the GPO web site. I have also provided links to each of the blog posting on this blog where I have written about that legislation. I would certainly be interested in hearing from readers about the utility of this legislative list. Does it provide some helpful information? Is there more information that might make it more useful? Or am I just wasting my time?

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