Monday, August 23, 2010

Cyber-Security Overview

I really do like to think that I can do a good job of explaining things and really hate to admit it when I know others can do a better job than I do. Not only am I going to have to admit it in this case but I am going to be forced to recommend an article by someone else as doing one of the best jobs I have seen of giving a general overview of the way to secure an industrial control system.

James R. Koelsch, a contributing editor over at, has given an excellent overview of the typical steps a facility will need to follow to secure their cyber control systems. It is well written with a minimum of technical jargon. The experts quoted in the article are all well known within the community and provide the type of insightful comments that one would expect from people who truly know their business.

As always, a single article or book will not make you an expert on the subject, but the Koelsch article will give the new security manager enough of an understanding to be able to ask intelligent questions.

I highly recommend this article and only wish that I could have written it. As much as it pains me, I have to admit I can’t be an expert on everything.

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