Saturday, August 21, 2010

National Dialogue on Preparedness Update 08-21-10

As of this morning (at 8:45 EDT) there were a total of 85 ideas posted on the FEMA National Dialogue on Preparedness web site. This is an increase of about 49% over last week. It is still a rather poor showing for such an important topic, but then again DHS has been doing little to advertise this site. The number of users has increased by almost 40% to 229. There has been a similar increase in the number of comments posted (48% to 142) and a significantly larger increase in votes cast on ideas (65% to 726). This Dialogue will only remain open for a little more than a week (it closes August 31st) it is important that anyone with an interest in emergency preparedness log on to the site and put in their 2 cents worth. New Idea I posted another new idea this morning; HAZMAT Rail Shipment Notifications. It deals with a method of satisfying the emergency response community’s need for notification of railcar shipments of toxic inhalation hazard chemicals through the communities that they serve while still satisfying the security community’s concern about potentially providing targeting information to terrorists. Idea Tracking Here is the current status of the four Ideas currently posted on the Dialogue that I think will be of interest to the chemical security community:

HAZMAT Rail Shipment Notifications (1 vote, rank 59) TSA Chlorine Dispersion Modeling Study (0 vote, rank 68) Bring in the Military (-6 votes, rank 84) Counter-Terrorism Emergency Response Plan - CFATS (4 votes, rank 33)

Remember, your votes will influence which ideas that FEMA and the Local, State, Tribal, and Federal Preparedness Task Force will consider in their assessment of the state of national disaster preparedness and which ideas will make it into their recommendations for improvement.

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