Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Days for Congress

Vincent Morris, the spokesman for the House Rules Committee just posted the following on Twitter: “it's official - no votes the rest of the week. Snow storm threat closes down house business. Also rules meeting on intell & anti-trust off “. This is hardly surprising, with a forecast for a foot of snow this evening, on top of almost 3 foot of snow last weekend; all of Washington will probably be taking a couple more days off. No word yet if today’s House session will resume at 2:00 pm as scheduled or if there will be pro-forma sessions the rest of the week. None of the Congressional web sites that I have checked note anything about a snow closure. A Senate Homeland Security Committee Subcommittee hearing today was postponed with a new date and time ‘to be determined’. The chemical security type hearings that I have reported on for this week are still being listed as ‘scheduled’. I expect that the only one that might happen is today’s hearing before the Homeland Security Subcommittee on the DHS budget at 3:00 pm EST. LATE NOTE: The House adjorned after a proforma session at 2:00 pm EST. Next business day will be Monday, February 22nd.

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