Tuesday, February 23, 2010

DHS Open Government Dialogue 02-23-10

DHS had a nice jump in the number of Ideas posted to their Open Government Dialogue web page since the weekend. They are now up to 71 Ideas posted with the Off-Topic Ideas holding steady at 109. One of the newly posted Ideas will be of interest to the chemical security community. Tom Frock posted a suggestion that “ISO 18000-7 RFID tags” be used to track cargo shipments; Port/Fuel Security. As I noted in my comment on the idea, Congress has been slow to pass legislation requiring much in the way of truck shipment security measures and DHS would certainly need such authorization to start a Federal program requiring such measures. Do you think there is much chance that anyone in Congress is paying much attention to these Obama Administration web sites that are seeking public input? My two Ideas have garnered a small number of positive votes. Public Security Reporting Tools now has 3 positive votes and Explanations for Delays in Rule Making Process has 6 positive votes. To put this in perspective the top vote getter on the site currently has 27 positive votes and the lowest has 14 negative votes. The only other security related posting, Edward Clark’s Fed Fatigue, has 12 positive votes. If you haven’t already done so, sign up and take part in the idea exchange that is designed to make DHS a more transparent and responsive government agency.

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