Friday, February 26, 2010

PHMSA Requirements for Security Plans

According to the web site the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has cleared the PHMSA rule for the Revision of Requirements for Security Plans (RIN: 2137-AE22). Depending on the possible revisions that that OMB may have suggested to the rule, we should be seeing this final rule being published in the Federal Register in the coming weeks. The Regulatory Agenda web site describes this rule this way:

"In response to two industry petitions for rulemaking, this rulemaking will reconsider and refine the list of hazardous materials for which security plans are currently required. The industry petitioners asked PHMSA to amend the security plan regulations to create a distinction between hazardous materials that present a significant security risk while in transportation and the vast majority of hazardous materials that pose no significant security risk in transportation."

The NPRM was published in the Federal Register on September 9th, 2008 with the comment period ending on November 10th. Readers of this blog might remember that I looked at those public comments in five blog postings; 10-24-08, 10-31-08, 11-07-08, 11-14-08, and 11-21-08.

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