Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Open Gov Idea Posted

Earlier today I added a new Idea to the DHS Open Government Dialogue page. I added a suggestion under the Participation heading that each DHS security program have a web page for reporting security issues related to that program. There should be links on each page for that security program for the reporting page and a security issue reporting landing page with links to all of the program reporting pages. The discussion continues on my earlier Idea about delays in the rule making process. Feel free to vote and join that discussion. I’ve also joined into a discussion about mandating the filing of flight plans for general aviation. Needless to say this Idea was posted in response to this weeks attack on the IRS office in Austin, TX. Is this just a ‘feel good’ suggestion or will it prevent future attacks? Put in your two cents worth. The DHS Ideas page now has 55 Ideas posted and there are still 109 Off Topic Ideas.

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