Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Security System Webcast

I got my weekly email from updating me on news from that site. Included in the email was a brief advertisement for a free webcast that will discuss a new trend in security systems, a unified security platform. This is the integration of automated access control and video surveillance systems. The Genetec sponsored webcast will be on November 18th at 1:00 PM EST. What really caught my attention was the presence of John Honovich on the panel that will be discussing the developments in this area. Long time readers of this blog will be well familiar with John’s name from my frequently mentioning it as a source of information on video surveillance systems. Webcasts like this are frequently nothing more than infomercials, but with John on the panel I am convinced that this is more likely to be a real information exchange. According to the webcast registration page the discussion will cover:
“Where access and CCTV integration is headed “The benefits of a unified security platform for vendors, integrators and end users “The enabling networking and IT technologies that make unification possible”
Security managers at high-risk chemical facilities that employ, or are considering employing, an automated access control system should probably watch this web cast. It should provide some valuable information that could impact the design of that system.

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