Thursday, October 8, 2009

HR 2892 Conference Complete

On Wednesday evening the Conference Committee for the DHS 2010 Appropriations bill, completed their work on reconciling the two versions of HR 2892 passed by the House and Senate. While the formal detailed report on the results of their deliberations has not yet been published, they have published a summary of the conference agreement. The agreement splits the difference on the amount budgeted for DHS operations for FY 2010; a total of $42.776 billion. There were a number of provisions included in the reconciled bill that directly impact the chemical security community. They include:
Funding for 100 new surface transportation security inspectors (TSA); A $25 million increase over FY 2009 funding for CFATS including a 168 person increase in staffing; A one year extension for CFATS; A $50 million increase (over requested) in Rail/Transit Security Grants; and A $50 million increase (over requested) in Port Security Grants.
Until I can see the actual revised bill (which might be available on Friday) I can’t tell what odd-ball provisions might have been added to the bill (like the hate crimes legislation that was added to the DOD appropriations bill or the continuing resolution that was added to the legislative appropriations bill). I haven’t heard of anything being added but you can’t tell until you read the final bill. I’ll let you know what I find when I get my hands on a copy of the bill.

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