Friday, October 2, 2009

DHS Leadership Changes

Last weekend I got an email from a reader responding to my blog about changes on the CSAT FAQ page where I noted changes to the official addressee for a variety of CFATS requests. I’ve been busy with a number of things, but I finally have gotten independent confirmation of the shifting of leadership positions in Infrastructure Protection at DHS. As of September 17th the changes below look to be temporary changes pending a new political appointment for the Assistant Secretary position left vacant by the move of Jim Snyder from DHS to DOD.
Bill Flynn to be Acting Assistant Secretary Infrastructure Protection Sue Armstrong to be Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary IP Dennis Deziel to be Acting Division Director ISCD Todd Klessman to be Acting Deputy Director ISCD
All of these positions should revert back once the President appoints, and the Senate approves a new Assistant Secretary for Infrastructure Protection; no telling how long that will be.

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