Tuesday, October 13, 2009

NJ CFATS Workshop

The Roberts Law Group and the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security will be holding their 2nd Annual Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) Workshop on November 10th in Sayreville, NJ. The Workshop will focus on the continuing implementation of the CFATS regulations and the unique nature of the chemical industry in New Jersey. The Keynote Speaker will be Dennis Deziel, the Acting Director of the Infrastructure Security Compliance Division of DHS NPPD. He will address the current state of the CFATS implementation. The workshop flyer does not specify the details of Deziel’s address, but one would expect that as part of the Departments continuing outreach program that the upcoming site inspections for Tier 1 facilities will be addressed. Additional items on the agenda for the workshop include:
The unique nature of the critical chemical infrastructure in New Jersey; Chemical-Terrorism Vulnerability Information (CVI); Managing CFATS Site Security Plans; CFATS and cyber-security; and The future of the CFATS regulations.
According to Steve Roberts this workshop will build on the successful workshop held last year. It will reflect the increased knowledge base that now exists about the implementation of the CFATS through the submission of the SSP. While most facilities have yet to complete their SSP submission, enough have completed that task to allow for the sharing of the lessons learned to date. Registration for this workshop is free, but space is limited. Ensure your space at the workshop by contacting the Roberts Law Group at events@chemicalsecurity.com. The Roberts Law Group asks that you make your reservation by November 3rd.

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