Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Reader Comment 10-26-09 Awareness

Last night a reader, cardrunners, left a comment on my blog earlier this month on the release of the “8 Signs of Terrorism” video. Cardrunners wrote: “[John] Elway seemed to have very genuine intentions of creating awareness of a serious issue in this country.” I was never a John Elway fan (Joe Montana was the best) and have not followed his career since he left football, so I am not qualified to even make a guess as to his motivation. If he is a true believer as cardrunners supposes, all the better. From a PR point of view, however, there is no doubt that having John Elway as a sponsor of the public service production is a great thing. He has great name recognition in Colorado and is apparently still well respected in that State. If that gets even some people to pay attention to the video message, that is an important contribution, regardless of the motivation. As I noted in the original blog, this is not the first time that this type video has been produced. I have watched earlier versions from Nevada and Michigan. The production values vary, but they all have a similar and valuable message. The more often this message gets put in front of the public the better.

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