Tuesday, May 19, 2009

DHS Updates Top Screen User's Manual

As is usual for DHS there was no fanfare or announcement, but they posted an updated version (2.8) of the CSAT Top Screen User’s Manual on their Chemical Security Web page yesterday afternoon. I have not yet had a chance to review this in any depth, but they do provide a “Change Log” page for their manual (a practice that other government agencies should adopt). That shows that the following changes were made to the manual:
“Version 2.7.a -> Version 2.8 “Updated version number and date “Updated section 1.1 (text and images) to reflect a revised set of CVI Authorizing Statements each CSAT User must agree to prior to accessing the Top Screen. This update aligns the CSAT Top Screen with the revised CVI Manual issued in October 2008. “Updated section 1.1.2 and section 2.1.1 with the new Update Facility Info features “Updated section 1.1.2 to include the new Manage User Roles features “Added the Save button explanation to section 1.2”
This looks like procedural stuff not a substantive change in the Top Screen (the Questions manual has not been updated). I’ll take a closer look at the changes later today and may have more information on this tomorrow.

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