Friday, May 15, 2009

DHS Chemical Security Web Page Updated 05-15-09

When DHS rolled out the new SSP tool earlier today they made a number of other changes to their Chemical Security Web pages. The landing page is updated with a brief description of the roll-out of the SSP and an updated link to the new CSAT landing page. That page no longer has all of the CSAT tools on one page; each tool now has its own page. This should make it easier for the DHS web managers to keep the individual CSAT Tool pages updated. To make it easier to find/download copies of the various manuals, user guides and questions there is a “Key Documents” block on the right side of every CSAT Tool page that provides a listing of all of these documents. To make it easier to see if you have the most recent volume, DHS has included the date of the document in the description. The only exception to that is the RBPS Guidance document. Since there is only one version (excepting the draft released last year) it does not make much difference. Hopefully when DHS updates this manual listing in the “Key Documents”, they will include a date for the new document. The Site Security Plan web page has two additional document links on the page that are a little unusual. First there is the RBPS Response to Comment; a document that reviews the comments that were received on the Draft RBPS Guidance document and the DHS response to those comments. I have not yet had a chance to review that document, but it should provide some additional insight into the DHS thinking about the RBPS. The second unusual document is the CSAT SSP Screenshots. According to the first page:
“This document is a copy of certain portions of the Chemical Security Assessment Tool (CSAT) Site Security Plan (SSP) template and is intended merely to give the reader some idea of the questions that an actual SSP will need to address.”
This is a real lengthy document and I don’t see how much use it will actually be to getting ready to submit the SSP. The question document will be a better preparation aid. Still, some people will find it useful to be able to look actual pictures of what some of the SSP screens.

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