Friday, May 8, 2009

Bullzi Security - CVI Training

As I have mentioned on a number of occasions, I really do love the internet as an information source. Yesterday one of my daily Google® searches turned up a Marketwire® report on a security company called Bullzi Security. The thing that caught my attention (and the attention of the search engine) was the report of “Creation of the Chemical-terrorism Vulnerability Information (CVI) Training Course”. I sent the company an email requesting information and was soon talking to Mike Welch, co-founder and Vice President for the company. It turns out that Bullzi is a full service security company that got involved in developing a variety of training products to support their customers. They have gone from conventional classroom instruction to a an E-learning system to optimize the delivery of their training. Their training products are compatible with a variety of learning management systems. The Marketwire report provides a short list of recently developed training program. Looking at that list it seems clear that this organization has more of a background in a variety of cyber security issues including the NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection program and the credit card industry PCI program. I asked Mike how they got involved in CFATS training. It seems one of their customers asked them to develop a training program on the DHS Chemical-Terrorism Vulnerability Information (CVI) program in CFATS. Mike described the program as a high-level, individual training program that teaches the basic requirements of the CVI program to include the identification, and marking of CVI documents, as well as the requirements for properly securing those documents. He noted that the current training program is a generic version that can be upgraded and customized for particular customer requirements. While I have not yet actually seen the training program, it sounds like this company is taking the right kind of approach to their training development. Anyone interested in additional information should contact Mike Welch by phone (1-407-562-1864) or email (

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