Wednesday, May 20, 2009

DHS Chemical Security Web Site 05-18-09

Yesterday I reported on DHS posting a new version of the Top Screen User’s Manual. As part of that they changed a few of the pages in the DHS Chemical Security web site. Actually it was noticing these changes that led me to the new User’s Manual. The pages that were changed were the: Critical Infrastructure: Chemical Security Chemical Security Assessment Tool CSAT Top-Screen The only change to the Chemical Security page was the link for the CSAT page. The CSAT page also had a link change, the one to the Top Screen page. There were also two changes in the Key Documents box on the right side of the CSAT page. They updated the listing and link for the Top-Screen User’s Manual. They also added a date (May, 2009) to the listing for the RBPS Guidance document. This brings that listing in line with the other document listings in that box. Now readers can verify that they have the most up-to-date document at a glance. The only change to the Top-Screen page is the link to the User’s Manual. This was a new page as of last Friday. It might have been easier for DHS to update the Top-Screen User’s Manual at that time, but even I might have missed the change in the excitement of the release of the RBPS Guidance and opening of the SSP page. It might seem a little bit much to write about minor changes to a web site like this. I have done a little (very little) web site work and know how much work goes into even a relatively minor change. On a site like the DHS Chemical Security web site with its interlinked pages, making sure that all of the page links are working properly is something that is frequently overlooked. The team at DHS that maintains this page needs a little public recognition for their good work from time-to-time. I’m happy to oblige.

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