Sunday, May 17, 2009

DHS CFATS FAQ Page Update 05-15-09

Friday afternoon, after DHS updated their Chemical Security Web site for the SSP roll-out they added a number of new questions and answers to the CFATS FAQ web page. The following questions were added:

1621 - Where can I find a copy of the SSP Instruction Manual that is referenced in the SSP Tool?
1622 - Where can I find a copy of the Risk Based Performance Standards Guidance that is referenced in the SSP tool?
1623 - What if the pre-populated information in a given facility's SSP tool and the facility's Final Notification Letter do not match?
1624 - What is the purpose of the "other" boxes that appear throughout the SSP tool? 1625 - Are the Preparer, Reviewer, Submitter and Authorizer roles the same for the SSP as they were for the Top-Screen and SVA?
1626 - Can multiple Preparers work on the Top-Screen and the SVA as well?
1627 - Can I have multiple Preparers or Reviewers for the SSP?
1628 - How do I submit an ASP in lieu of a SSP?
1629 - Can a facility still upload an ASP if it answers "no" to any or all of the questions in Section 3.9.1 of the SSP tool regarding the content of the ASP?
1630 - What is the difference between Facility Security Measures and Asset Security Measures?
1631 - Which Risk-based Performance Standards (RBPS) apply to a high-risk facility?
1632 - The SSP requires a facility to provide the latest submission dates for its Top-Screen(s) and SVA(s). Where can I find these? 
1633 - As used in the CSAT SSP tool, what is the difference between a planned security measure and a proposed security measure?
1634 - My facility offered information in the SSP about security/vulnerability issues involving COI that are not listed in my DHS Final Notification letter; what are DHS' expectations about these other security/vulnerability issues and COI? 

My Comments 

There is a lot of good information in the answers to these questions. Most of this information will be covered in subsequent blogs about the SSP and RBPS that I’ll be writing over the coming weeks. If you can’t wait for those comments, feel free to click on the link provided and read what DHS has to say about these questions. Questions 1625, 1626, and 1627 are particularly interesting.

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